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Working Remotely

An insight into our collaborative and remote content production

Adapting to a new world

We all want to get back to work.
Your clients are still making cars and they need content created to reach their customers. However, health concerns and budgets, put strains on producing projects.

We have a solution.

We produce high-end:
- video,
- stills,
- drone footage,
with a crew of 3-4 (that’s it!)
- and our technology means that the [art/creative/client] can log-in remotely and direct the shoot.

It’s like you’re practically there.
Example 1 - Ford Raptor
Crew: 3
Video, stills and Drone

What I offer

I am your production saviour! I own and operate 2 x RED cameras and I am an FAA licensed drone operator with a 6K Drone. That alongside my photography and my small 3or 4 man crew, makes me unique in these times where small nimble production footprints are needed to navigate the issues that we face during these times.


Can’t be on-set? Unable to share
a bottle of wine on wrap night? I’m not a huge fan of not having agency and client on-set but due to these strange times, we have created a system with both hardware and software that enables anyone to be virtually looking over our shoulder at any time during the shoot. Every still that we shoot will be available almost instantly on-line for selection, annotation and approval. All of the film/drone footage will be streaming live and dailies posted on the same night of the shoot.
Example 2 - Triumph
Crew: 4
Video, stills and Drone

How we work

In a nut-shell, small, light, nimble.

This type of work is not new to me. I have spent the past 4 years building small, multi-disciplined productions by training myself and my crew to operate all of the tools for full- service content creation.

I have always believed that an image-maker is an image-maker, no matter the tools. Video is 24 frames per second - but they are still single frames that should tell
a story. When the story unfolds in front of me, changing from a stills camera to a video camera to drone is seamless and effortless. It has the added bonus of a unified look and feel across all mediums. 1 crew, 1 location, 3 different formats of image capture.
Example 3 - Jeep
Crew: 3
Video, stills and Drone